Let’s be honest.
You’re not really here to read about us.
What you really want to know is if we’re the right people for you?
Don’t be afraid to just ask. We’re not shy – we’ll indulge.

Let us introduce ourselves; we are bunch of young people who work under a dream and vision called “Ampp Media and Advertising”. We create advertisement and design that connects with people. We have fun in the process. We do the simple things well, no matter how complex the brief, and most important of all, we get results for our clients. We are a family of talented people with great ideas.

We’re new.
We’re open.
We share.
We learn.
We support.

Our objectives are to amplify your business. Our vision is to make you and your business happy. The reason we are established is to make a statement that we from local platform can support our own production and stand to compete international products. But enough about us. We’re more interested in hearing all about you: your business challenges and where you’d like to take your company in the next five years. We’d love to chat about your creative strategy, advertising idea, branding and marketing plan and find a way to make it realistic and successful. We’re here to make the dream bigger.

Want to know more?
Well, you could always swing by our offices, located in Pulchowk, Lalitpur.
Prefer to check us out a little more first? We get that.
We have listed more on the next pages. But if you really want to get to know us, the best way is to meet us. You could meet the team, just promise you won’t get all clingy.

Happy Journey!